Alumni Support Initiative


"You don't go into this field unless somewhere inside, you're deeply romantic. I've had students look at me, startled, when I say this because they've never really seen themselves in such a light. But, mira, if you've pledged your very life to this endeavor of music, you're going for it!  Going. For. It. And you've given creativity a very serious — and beautiful — mandate.  I would like to do what I can to support that mandate." 

— Gabriela Lena Frank

Cycle Two composers Christine Delphine, Akshaya Tucker, Roger Zare, and Marco-Adrián Ramos

Cycle Two composers Christine Delphine, Akshaya Tucker, Roger Zare, and Marco-Adrián Ramos


Life after Boonville…

At the Academy, lifelong friendships form, pearls of wisdom from master composers and performers are shared, and enduring civic/community connections are made that return home with each of our Fellows once our residencies conclude.  Yet, as important as these are, here at the Academy we believe that even deeper investments in our emerging voices are not only possible but necessary. 

With that belief, in June of 2018, the Alumni Support Initiative was created. Available to composers who have come through the Academy’s Bahlest Eeble Readings Program, the ASI’s goal is to offer support for our talented alumni’s activities as they renew their pledge to their craft and their community.  Our support takes form in the following ways:

• New in 2018!  Commissioning Initiative: The Academy actively commissions its Academy alumni for chamber works with professional musicians and organizations.  In 2018, the Academy is excited to announce a commission for Akshaya Tucker for cellist Robert Howard; as well as co-commissions for Matthew Evan Taylor, Marco-Adrián Ramos, Christine Delphine, Anjna Swaminathan, and Iman Habibi with the Orchestra of St. Luke’s in partnership with Carnegie Hall for their series Migrations: The Making of America

• New in 2019!  Bahlest Eeble Orchestra Reading/Commissioning Project: Details will be coming soon of an exciting new collaboration with a small but excellent summer orchestra under a beloved and world-renowned conductor to commission composers for orchestral works.  Modeled off the reading-residency format of the Bahlest Eeble Readings Program, in this symphonic parallel, composers serve two-year apprenticeships and receive a total of four residencies with Gabriela, the conductor, and the orchestra that provide feedback and readings of their works in progress before the eventual premiere. 

• New in 2019!  Fair ‘n Right* Grants: These quick turnaround grants are for Academy alumni to work with one another for music projects that have a public realization, with encouragement to work across Cycles in the fostering of  both civic and artistic community.

*From Boontling, to “fair ‘n right” a person is to give money as a gesture of good will.