Faculty performers and composer fellows will be guests at my two farms: Timberstone Mountain Farm and Lyon House which comprise a total of seventeen redwood-rich acres surrounded by the rugged vineyards of the rural Anderson Valley in Mendocino County, California. About two hours north of San Francisco and forty minutes from a breathtakingly beautiful coastline, we are developing our land along principles of sustainability and permaculture which enable our guests to eat eggs from our chickens, salads from our gardens, fruit from our trees, and honey from our hives.  While we are preparing to grow grapes and raise rabbits, goats and alpacas in the future, we are also completing the renovation of an in-house large rehearsal/recital space.  

Guests stay at the smaller Lyon House cottage and will have shared double bedrooms with ample baths, furniture made from carpenters sourcing local woods, and even stained glass custom-made from my own sweet mom. Common areas to relax in, gourmet kitchens for cooking, and hiking on our property and local parks will also be available. Additionally, Timberstone Mountain Farm, where I principally reside, houses a 115-year-old Steinway maintained by the famed Callahan studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, a full symphonic marimba from Marimba One, a quartet of professional string instruments (for hands-on string tutorials in our workshops), an artisan Japanese taiko drum, a Chinese pipa and sheng, a large collection of Peruvian/Bolivian/Ecuadoran native instruments, several guitars, and a library of music scores.  In 2019, we will acquire a professional symphonic harp and continue to build our percussion collection.