Joel Ponce, Administrative Assistant

Joel joined the GLFCAM family in time for the second full year of programming. A Bay Area native, Boonville has quickly become another home for him. As the Administrative Assistant, Joel often gets to be the first point of contact for the Academy. He helps manage email correspondences, keeps the website up to date, reminds folks of deadlines, assists Jeremy in capturing media during residencies, and serves as the resident vegan.

Outside of the Academy, Joel works as a software engineer in San Francisco. Passionate about tech inclusion, he seeks to create more pathways for people of color to pursue careers in tech. He graduated with a BA in Music Theory from Whitman College where he studied voice and championed opportunities to study and perform music outside of the Western canon. He continues his voice studies with Martha Rodríguez-Salazar in SF, currently focusing on Mexican boleros and huapangos.


Lama Nasser-Gammett, Coordinator of Community Liaison

As Coordinator of Community Liaison, Lama draws on her love of the Anderson Valley to bridge music, community organizing, and food justice. In Boonville, she works with the Anderson Valley Foodshed, a non-profit that promotes vibrant and healthy local food systems, while homeschooling a half wild kid (aka Forest Creature) with her husband Matthew, a horticulture/garden specialist and small-scale organic farmer. Together, this family of three supports itself through the cultivation and sale of organic mushrooms according to the principles of permaculture and community connection.

Lama, born in the United States and of Palestinian descent, holds both a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography as well as a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and religion. A trained biologist with a particular specialty in mycology, the study of fungi, Lama is an avid cook and loves creativity of all kinds. She is especially fond of the musical compositions of her daughter, a first-year piano student who regularly serenades frogs and lizards, and looks forward to when Forest Creature someday matriculates into her godmother Gabriela’s Academy.


Jeremy Lyon, Property Manager and Videographer

A Napa native with forbearers who sought their fortunes in the California Gold Rush, Jeremy is connected to the Anderson Valley through his grandfather, a Boonville native, who owned a music store in coastal Fort Bragg and spoke Boontling. While music was a constant in his family — Jeremy’s father was a 70s rock-n-roller and his brother is an accomplished electric bass player — Jeremy was compelled towards nature as part of what would become the back-to-the-land movement. His interests took him to the mountains, rivers, and forests where for decades, he honed his skills as an outdoorsman and gardener. His work rehabilitating pit bulls and rescuing exotic animals as well as managing a fishing lodge in the Trinity Alps further round out this adventurer upon whom wilderness philosopher John Muir would have smiled. 

Nowadays, Jeremy’s time is taken up with building his dream farms along principles of permaculture, Timberstone Mountain Farm and the Timberstone Guest Cottage, both of which he co-owns with his composer lady Gabriela. As videographer and co-host for the Academy, he delights composers and performers with gifts from his treasure hunts of local semi-precious stones, showing off reptiles and chickens he hand-raises, and serving as a general nature guide to Boonville and the surrounding areas of Mendocino County. 


Dan McDonnell, Recording Engineer

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Dan now lives in Boonville, CA where he is a composer, performer, audio engineer, and poet.