Steve Juliani

Carleen Hutchins Fellow


“I discovered the horn at twelve and spent the next twenty years focused on perfect execution of the standard orchestral literature. Over the next fifteen years, I experienced music from a production perspective. I was in the studio for many film scores and records, working with the top composers and performers in Los Angeles and London. In 2002, I started my own copying office and have hired many aspiring film composers to help with that work. Now, I try to write music that connects with my own feelings as deeply as possible. Often, I do not understand where the music comes from until after I’m done. Upon reflection, I can hear myself grappling with childhood traumas, love and loss and the nobility of the natural world.” 
— Steve Juliani


Steven Juliani is a composer, attorney, music copyist and horn player. He started composing music in 2016. Juliani studied horn with Mason Jones at the Curtis Institute of Music and Vincent DeRosa at the University of Southern California. While playing professionally in Los Angeles, he was introduced to music copying by a colleague in the pit for Phantom of the Opera. That eventually led to a 20-year career as a copyist working primarily on motion pictures, television and video games. From 2012 to 2017, Juliani was a criminal defense attorney in Marin County, California.

Upcoming performances

May 20, 2018. World premier of Averted Gaze for English Horn, Horn, Piano and Double Bass. Lakeville, Minnesota

June, 2018. World premiere of a work in progress for brass quintet to be performed by the Atlantic Brass Quintet at the Mostly Modern Festival. Saratoga Springs, New York.

August 2, 2018. World premier of Redshifted for horn and piano performed by Kevin Rivard at the International Horn Society symposium. Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana.