samuel winnie

Anita and Leslie Bassett Fellow


“I was a military brat. Generally speaking, we were hardly in one place for longer than six months. At that time, one of the largest saving graces for me was the booming cultural phenomenon, Pokémon. No matter where I was in the world, I was able to connect with people, sharing stories and making friends by way of that small cartridge. It was also thanks to these games that I became fascinated with music...”

— Samuel Winnie


Samuel Winnie is a Baltimore-based composer originally from Joppa, MD, who received his BA in Music Composition in the spring of 2016. As an undergraduate, Sam studied music under UMBC’s composition faculty: Dr. Anna Rubin and Dr. Linda Dusman. Throughout his tenure as a Linehan Artist Scholar, Sam collaborated with UMBC's finest artists in many multimedia works, such as the award-winning documentary "Future Children", by Emily Eaglin. In the spring of 2015, Sam studied in Piacenza, Italy, under the composer Carlo Landini for six months. In 2016, Sam was invited to the University of Oklahoma where his work “Romani Lachrymose”, for solo cello and electronics, was selected as a part of a nation-wide competition for a performance at the 2016 National Student Electronic Music Event (N_SEME). In 2017, Samuel's chamber work, "Nightfall in Lothlórien", was recognized as a finalist for the American Prize, Ernst Bacon award and has since been performed at several concert halls across the country. Earlier this year, Sam’s work “Esplanade” for classical guitar trio was commissioned and performed by the Baltimore Society of Classical Guitarists. Currently, Sam furthering his education at UMBC by pursuing a degree in Music Technology.