rachel epperly

Logan Skelton Fellow


“Through my teenage years, I was just as influenced by the music of Debussy, Bartok, Bach, and Beethoven as I was by experimental pop, K-pop, rock, and 70s psychedelic folk. I was and continue to be engaged with the Korean independent music scene, particularly its vocalists who infuse traditional Korean singing traditions into electronic or rock idioms. I plan to collaborate with some of the independent Korean musicians with whom I have connected through my work as an online music reviewer. Literature, film (particularly Japanese film and its bold visual worlds and masterful absurdist storytelling), and the forests and shores of Northern Michigan also impacted me deeply as a young artist.”

— Rachel Epperly


Rachel Epperly is a composer, performer, and improviser who is passionate about continually stretching the boundaries of vulnerability in her work. Her music has been performed by esteemed ensembles such as the Grand Rapids Symphony, The Grand Rapids Ballet company, Face the Music Ensemble, and the Castalia Quartet. Rachel is also a pianist, experimental vocalist, melodica-ist, and has just acquired an accordion. As a performer, Rachel recently attended Silk Road Ensemble's Global Musician Workshop and is a member of an experimental improvisation trio, Glitter Glam. Her work is inspired by a wide array of artists including Jenny Hval, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Aksak Maboul, and Winston Tong. One of her recent musical interests is exploring her ambivalent relationship with gender norms that she has internalized. She is currently in her final year of her bachelors in composition and is studying with Evan Chambers. Her past teachers have included Alexander Miller, Kurt Ellenberger, Kristin Kuster, Erik Santos, and Bright Sheng.