jay hurst

Steven Stucky Fellow


“Compared to my colleagues who may have been exposed to the art through violin or piano lessons at an early age or singing in their church choirs, I began playing saxophone during my teenage years in Florida, preferring the music of Miles Davis, punk rock, and Final Fantasy over the works of Mozart or Brahms. When I decided to pursue composition in college, I was exposed to the giants of the 20th century: Stravinsky, Messiaen, Glass, Oliveros, and Andriessen, just to name a few. As I worked backwards through music history, devouring whatever scores I could with my newly found appetite for concert music, I also found that the act of composition and the shared experience of collaboration with my colleagues was deeply fulfilling on a mental and spiritual level. The bug had bit.”

— Jay Hurst


Jay Hurst (b. 1989) is an Indiana‐based composer of concert, film, and electronic music.  His musical world was influenced by an early interest in film and video game scores, which gradually  grew to include a love of natural sounds and of the sounds of machinery and electronics. The focus in his  work is on sculpting sound in space, with attention paid to the theatrical and the atmospheric elements  of performance. His music has been performed by ensembles such as the Buffalo Philharmonic  Orchestra, Indiana University Concert Orchestra, Indiana University New Music Ensemble, Tower Duo,  and Square Peg Round Hole.  A recipient of the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Award, Jay has also been commissioned from  the Indiana University New Music Ensemble under conductor David Dzubay, has received the Indiana  University Dean’s Prize in Composition, and was selected for the American Composers Orchestra Earshot  New Music Readings. He has participated at the Brevard Music Festival as the composition program  teaching assistant, and has taught courses in music notation, calligraphy, and counterpoint at Indiana  University as an associate instructor.   Jay is currently completing his Doctoral degree in composition from the Indiana University Jacobs School  of Music. He also holds Master's degree in Composition from Indiana University and a Bachelor's Degree  in Composition and Theory from Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. While in school, Jay studied with  professors Claude Baker, Sven‐David Sandström, P.Q. Phan, David Dzubay, Don Freund, Aaron Travers,  John Gibson, Nathan Wolek, Sydney Hodkinson, and Manuel DeMurga. Jay is a member of ASCAP and  has published works through Lalilulelo Press.