Eliana Echeverry

Carleen Hutchins Fellow


“My first piano lesson was when I was 19 but my musical environment [in Colombia] as a child was rich. I lived with my parents, my grandma and my great mother. Each one listened to very different style of music, from opera to salsa music and Colombian traditional music. With many sounds in my ears all the time, I grew up thinking that any kind of music and style is valuable and every sound has its inner beauty. Maybe my training wasn’t conventional but I learned the most important lesson in my music life: Not to judge any kind of music. That’s a lesson that made an important influence in my view of music and in the way I listen.”

— Eliana Echeverry

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Eliana Echeverry is colombian composer, arranger and producer. She studied composition and orchestration at Conservatory of National University of Colombia under the guidance of Gustavo Parra and Moises Bertran. Also, she studied psychology at National University of Colombia. During 4 years was composition assistant and arranger of Antonio Arnedo, her mentor in jazz music.

Eliana is one of the most versatile composer and arranger in Colombia. He has arranged music for several artists in different styles such as Antonio Arnedo (jazz), Hugo Candelario (Colombian music), Lucía Pulido, Laura y la Máquina de Escribir (rock), Aterciopelados, N – Hardem (hip hop), Bogota Symphonic Orchestra, Bogota Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Olav Roots, Unitas Ensemble based in Boston, Khemia Ensemble based in Missouri, among other projects.

At the first edition of Bogota International Music Festival “Bogota is Beethoven”, she was musical director and arranger of La Noche Blanca concert. In this concert she wrote jazz paraphrases on Beethoven ́s works.

Besides her musical activity, Eliana conducts research on cognitive psychology about creative process in musical composition.

She is the composer, arranger and bandleader of her personal Project Etcetera Bigband.