dustin carlson

Béla Bartók Fellow


“I listen to music of other composers, it captivates me, I listen again (obsessively again and again), I might transcribe, learn to play, read about the methods the composer used, study, try and emulate, fail to use another's method to make my own music, but somewhere lessons are learned, ideas are left resonating... Another interest is food and sustainable farming. Through this work I became friends with many farmers and farm workers... [Even] after the guitar started bringing in more money, I still work once a week with a farmer who has excellent growing practices.”

— Dustin Carlson


Dustin Carlson is a Brooklyn based guitarist and composer who has toured all over the USA, Europe and Canada, playing ambient noise music in his collaborative project F$F, playing the "space-country cosmic-cowboy//utter ambiance of complete oblivion” solo music of Shakes/the Noise of Wings, or working as a sideperson playing jazz pop soul rock etc. His record “Air Ceremony,” due to be released on Out of Your Head Records on November 2nd, features his long form compositions for sextet.