David Reminick

Lucy and Jacob Frank Fellow


With his music described as “bracing, original, and often jaw-dropping” (New Music Box), composer David Reminick brings a rigorous and frequently hyper-kinetic approach to contemporary classical music – and a cogent and structurally complex approach to his post-punk endeavors. As a dedicated composer in the Chicago new music scene and the singer/guitarist for the post-punk band Paper Mice, David’s writing doesn’t so much blur the perceived boundaries between genres as augment and exchange the virtues and idiosyncrasies of each. In his relatively concise career as a new music composer, David includes such notable groups as the International Contemporary Ensemble, Ensemble Recherche, Ensemble Dal Niente, the Spektral Quartet, the Anubis Quartet, the H2 Quartet, Marcus Weiss, Wild and Wulliman, Weston Olencki, Andy Costello, and the New York Miniaturist Ensemble in his inventory of commissions and collaborators. As the frontman for Paper Mice, which enjoys a robust underground following in Chicago and beyond, he was instrumental in the creation of the band’s 2012 album, The Funny Papers, which was released on the notorious San Diego label Three One G.


Music created during Cycle One: