Composers for Racial Equality in the Arts


“In the 90s, I was so accustomed to being the only Latina in my honors courses in high school, as was my older brother, I never expected to find many peers nor mentors of a similar cultural background in the music conservatory. I was always in a certain mode of private advocacy, an American-born, multi-cultural, English-speaking mestiza. Despite this, or maybe even because of it, certain white teachers of mine were absolute lifelines, believing in my truth and insisting: “Go. GO. Explore this.” So, yeah, that was serendipitous, leading me to explore Latin America, however clumsily. Nowadays, it’s more possible to find multi-cultural leaders here in the States who can extend a lifeline to emerging artists of color, to the benefit of us all. And that’s beautiful.”

Gabriela Lena Frank


On the value of mentorship…

Composers for Racial Equality in the Arts (CREA) was established in 2019 by the Academy in response to the lack of mentors for emerging composers of color who have shared cultural experiences. ADD MORE TEXT HERE ADD MORE TEXT HERE ADD MORE TEXT HERE BUT NOT TOO MUCH!

2019 Recipients

Kevin Day

Jung Yoon Wie


2019 Mentors