Brandon Scott Rumsey

Leslie and Anita Bassett Fellow


Brandon Rumsey is an Ann Arbor-based composer, bassoonist, and teacher. His music emphasizes harmony, rhythm, texture and orchestrational color and frequently explore themes of love, nature, and conversation. Brandon’s concert works have been performed across the United States, in Australia and Africa. Beyond the concert hall, he has composed music for independent film, musicals, and contemporary plays. 

Brandon's research in musicology and theory intersects with studies in gender and sexuality, tying together political advocacy, feminist theory, LGBTQ studies, and music research in order to advance performance and research of historically underrepresented musicians and their work. 

Brandon is on the music faculty at Madonna University (Livonia, MI), is a teaching artist with the Trade Winds Ensemble (Chicago, IL), an editorial assistant at the University of Michigan Gershwin Initiative, and the artistic director and bassoonist of the Emblems Quintet, an artist collective committed to education, inclusive- and equity-conscious programming, and performing exciting overlooked repertoire.


Music created during Cycle One: