Apply for programs in 2018


Deadlines for all programs

Submission of application: October 23rd, 2017

Date of Academy's notification of acceptance: December 8th, 2017

Date for accepted composers to confirm attendance with deposit: December 20th, 2017



Any composer who considers him or herself to be emerging (i.e., still in school or in the early phase of their professional lives) who is interested in the classical or classical-crossover medium, and who is at least 20 years of age. Exceptions considered.  

Composers who are largely self-taught are encouraged to apply. 

All accepted composers must be willing to sign this waiver upon acceptance.



Application fees and tuition costs:

$20 application fee; $1850 tuition cost for the Bahlest Eeble Readings (paid in up to three installments). Up to two auditors will be accepted for each of the three cycles of this program. Auditors participate ONLY in the spring session of their cycle (i.e., receive reading of original music, attend master classes, and receive complimentary shared lodging) but do NOT attend the fall session. The application fee for auditors is $20 and the tuition cost is $1050.  

$20 application fee; $1050 tuition cost for the Creative Jeffers (paid in up to two installments)

$10 application fee; $600 tuition cost for the Advocacy Tidriks (paid in up to two installments)

If applying to two or more programs, application fee is $25. Click here to understand why application fees are charged. 



Lodging costs:

Accepted composers, including auditors to the Bahlest Eeble Readings, are strongly encouraged to stay at Gabriela’s comfortable Timberstone Valley Farm in Boonville at no cost. Additional guests – spouses and children – cannot be accommodated. If composers wish to stay elsewhere in the Anderson Valley at their own cost, the Academy can make recommendations but cannot guarantee availability. 

Lodging at Timberstone Valley Farm is shared at two people per room except for the Creative Jeffers program where composers are housed in their own rooms.  


Meal costs:

Light breakfast items are stocked in the Timberstone Valley Farm kitchen. At least one vegetarian group cook will be hosted with ingredients sourced from Gabriela's own farms or locally at Academy cost. (Dietary restrictions will be considered whenever possible, given the limitations of a small rural community.) All other meals are the responsibility of composers who have several local grocery stores and restaurants at their disposal. 


Travel costs:

All accepted composers are responsible for air/ground costs to arrive to Boonville by the start date of their residency. Airports closest to Boonville are San Francisco International (SFO), Oakland International (OAK), and Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport  (STS) in Santa Rosa. Public transportation will not be sufficient in getting fellows from the airports to Boonville, and therefore, rental cars will be needed to at least partially navigate the trip, and to generally get around Boonville and the rest of the Anderson Valley as well. Accepted composers will receive assistance from Academy staff in communicating with other composers to share rental cars; and can provide limited transportation to/from airports.   



Partial and full scholarships are available for which all applicants, except auditors to the Bahlest Eeble Readings, are automatically considered: The Anita and Leslie Bassett Memorial Scholarship, the Steve Stucky Memorial Scholarship, the Jacob and Lucy Frank Memorial Scholarship, the Dana Lyon Memorial Scholarship, and the Anderson Valley Grange community-supported Boontling Buddy scholarship. 


Criteria for adjudication

1. Music: Simply put, I’m looking for an exciting imagination inside a curious spirit who shows infinite creative promise. 

2. Personal qualities: I’m looking for composers who can be collegial and supportive, open-minded to the different backgrounds and aesthetics of their fellow composers, who would like to make new friends. I’m also looking for composers who have an impressive work ethic and who understand they’ll hear from mentors who will take them seriously and give them tough, discerning feedback. I’m especially interested in composers who feel that the Academy’s commitment to arts citizenship is in step with their own personal ethos. 

3. Fit: Admittedly highly subjective! I’ll be going on instinct to carefully and honorably decide whether I can be of utmost service to each and every applicant, much in the vein of a private teacher deciding who to accept into his or her private studio. Don't be surprised if I solicit the input of my faculty artists and an additional established composer or two to make final decisions on successful applicants. You are taken seriously! 


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