Angela morris

Ruth Crawford Seeger Fellow


“I am a saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist, and I usually compose for improvisers... A relatively new experience in my life is to be part of a religious community and to shape liturgy and music there. The music is led paperlessly, by call and echo. One of the most moving experiences was a Good Friday service for which I wrote a canon to be sung as a processional. The music culminated in improvised rhythmic augmentation and harmonization in each voice, and finally in silence as we blew out the Christ Candle in the cold, muddy backyard. The silence was broken by coincidental slow tolling of bells from a neighboring church.”

— Angela Morris

Angela Morris by Aaron Winters smaller.jpeg

If Brooklyn’s music circles draw a Venn diagram, Angela Morris thrives in the loop between avant-jazz and pop. The composer and multi-instrumentalist has performed throughout North America and Europe. Her vocal group Rallidae released their new album, Turned, and Was, in November 2016 on the NYC-based label Gold Bolus Recordings; their debut Paper Birds was praised as “an exceptional debut by and exciting and innovative new band.” Morris is a member of Motel and TMT Trio, two collaborative ensembles that each released albums in 2017: like you always do, I always did too by Motel (Prom Night Records), and Star Ballad by TMT Trio. Morris composes and co-leads for several groups, including the 18-piece Webber/Morris Big Band. She is an alumna of the BMI Jazz Composer’s Workshop led by Jim McNeely, and studied composition with the Grammy-nominated jazz composer Darcy James Argue. In addition to her own projects, she performs with Helado Negro, Jason Ajemian’s Folk-Lords, Myra Melford, and Jessica Pavone. Brackish – music & arts is a monthly experimental multi-disciplinary concert series organized by Morris in Brooklyn.