Andrew Rodriguez

Chou Wen-chung Fellow


“I was in a punk/hardcore band signed to Victory Records out of Chicago and touring the country relentlessly. I learned a lot about music in that short time, but much of the knowledge I sought myself. I had a brief obsession with jazz guitar, so I taught myself the basics of music theory and then zipped right into learning about modes, altered chords, and jazz harmony. That period of my life remains the most important influence on my music career.”

— Andrew Rodriguez


Andrew Rodriguez (b. 1989) utilizes his intimate history as a performer in the American punk/hardcore scene to formulate the core of his music. Rodriguez’s interest in music began with stints as guitarist for various metal/hardcore bands as a teenager. This path culminated with three full-length albums as one of the main songwriters for the hardcore/punk band Close Your Eyes on Chicago-based label, Victory Records. Having spent over three years touring the country’s various hardcore scenes, Andrew has been able to amalgamate the inherent aggression and the acute sense of social awareness that is present within the hardcore community. These traits and experiences combine to create a musical language that is both raw and dramatically expressive. As a composer, Rodriguez maintains a steady schedule of contemporary classical projects for acoustic instruments, as well as personal projects in the realm of electroacoustic or purely electronic music. Recent commissions include works for A/B Duo, F-Plus, Megan Ihnen, and Seen/Heard Trio, as well as collaborations with flutist Tammy Yonce, percussionist Victor Pons and oboist Jonathan Thompson.

Beginning in 2014, Rodriguez took on collaborative projects as a music producer. Having written and recorded albums with Close Your Eyes, he was well adept to the techniques and processes of a studio production. Andrew draws inspiration from a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from jazz, hip hop, and rock to contemporary and traditional classical genres. This wide spectrum of music allows him to explore truly unique and engaging approaches to songwriting. Recent productions include a full-length and an EP release by Kamikaze Pilots Manual, as well as the Homestead EP, Floorplan.

Having built his career on writing and performing music with close friends and collaborators, Andrew intends to continue this practice by developing long-lasting relationships with artists and musicians that share the same vision of collaboration. He holds degrees from Hardin-Simmons University and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.