Adeliia faizullina

Cynthia Jackson Ford Fellow


“My training began at the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music and in the department of vocal arts in the Auhadeev College of Music (Kazan, Russia) and I’m now a student at the University of Texas at Austin.  Despite being blind, I am a composer, singer and vocal coach, and I play piano and a Tatar folk instrument known as the quray.  My music takes inspiration from Tatar folk music and folk instruments, literature and poetry. I am interested in creating my own space filled with the sounds of nature, like birds, the wind, and the human voice. I write a lot of vocal music, but rarely use a text. Instead, I use syllables and extended techniques as colors to express emotions or a narrative (or the experience of a person) non-verbally.”

— Adeliia Faizullina

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Uzbekistan-born composer Adeliia Faizullina has studied as a composer, singer, vocal coach, and Tatar quray instrumentalist in Russia before embarking on studies at the University of Texas in Austin where she will receive her Master’s degree in Music Composition.  With a particular ear for cutting-edge vocal colors and an affinity for the music and poetry of Tatar folklore, Adeliia also writes virtuoso music for chamber and symphonic genres.