Bahlest Eeble Readings

The Bahlest Eeble Readings (Boontling for "most excellent eyeball/study") is a two-part creative lab giving composers readings of works in progress by master performers. Feedback in hand, composers then have several months before the group reunites for a concert of premieres.  Learn more.

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Creative Jeffer Practicum

New in 2020! The Creative Jeffer Practicum (English/Boontling hybrid for "creative fire") is a week-long hands-on intensive for composers who wish to further develop their creative habit; minimum of four hours of onsite composing a day expected.  Check back soon for more information. 

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New in 2020! Tidriks (Boontling for "tea drinks" or "social gathering") are two-day retreats for composers belonging to specific underrepresented constituencies (women, African Americans, Latinos, jazz musicians, emerging composers over 50, etc) and anyone interested in the issues posed to these groups. Special guests will be on hand.  Check back soon for more information.